Closing our Doors

With new platforms like GoFundMe, families are now empowered to take personal action when dealing with family tragedies.  When we lost our daughter in 2003, there were little or no financial resources available on-line for families dealing with the loss of a child.  We were inspired to create a foundation in our daughter’s name and we were able to help over 40 families receive headstones for their child’s final resting places.  We are honored to have had the opportunity to help over these years.

As technology has evolved, families can now help themselves more easily than ever before.  They can run their own fundraisers in their children’s names and honor their angel babies by raising the funds needed for medical expenses, funeral costs, and headstones.

Over the years, haggling with headstone manufacturers and cemeteries, who at times felt cold and motivated only by maintaining profit margins, has taken a lot out of us personally.  There have been a lot of sleepless nights working through applications and crying tears over our shared stories.  It has been an honor to know that we’re not alone as we share in your lives and in your grief, and hopefully, in some small way we’ve been able to help.

At this time, we won’t be taking any new applications or donations.  We’ll be seeking new ways to help honor our Dempsey’s memory as we work through the process of closing our doors, distributing any remaining funds, and focusing on raising Dempsey’s siblings.

Thank you for understanding and for allowing us to be a part of your stories.  It has been a hard, but beautiful journey.

Kevin Burdick