The Dempsey Pendant

We would like to thank Kele & Company for working closely with Allison Petersen of The Dempsey Burdick Memorial Foundation to create The Dempsey Pendant.

Kele & Co. has created this pendant in memory of Dempsey Sue Burdick (April 2003-May 2003)*, the niece of Kele & Co. representative Allie Burdick Petersen. Part of the Kele & Co. profits from each pendant will be donated to the foundation. TDP09 — $25.00

Each pendant is made of .925 Sterling Silver and is about the size of a dime. It can be worn alone on practically any chain or with other pieces (pearls, engravables, etc.).  The Dempsey Pendant makes a beautiful gift and helps out an important cause.  Please help remember and honor these precious Angels by getting your Dempsey Pendant today.

Pay with credit or debit card online. Taxes and S&H costs are based on where the package is being sent.  To order, please go to:

*Birth/death years were printed wrong in the catalog.
**The foundation was created by National Recording Artist Kevin Burdick (father of Dempsey), but Allie has been a director and primary fundraiser of the foundation over the years.

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Dempsey Kisses Goodbye

“Debbie Kissing Dempsey Goodbye”
The photo which inspired the Dempsey Pendant design.